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Another Try at a Dune Movie

The Dune-iverse is one of the greatest science fiction settings out there, with political intrigue, war, cool technology and mythology, and a general weirdness that sets it apart (giant sandworms, for instance.)  However, it's never gotten the love it deserves in...

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Facebook Silences Brazilian Reform Movement

We wouldn't let the local power utility arbitrarily disconnect someone because it disliked their politics. So why would we let an online monopoly do it?  Social media serves a vital role in today's political system, yet we let unaccountable, monopolist businessmen ban...

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Axis & Allies & Zombies?!?

Axis and Allies was my gateway drug to historical war gaming.  My little brother and I spent hours re-fighting WWII, though whenever he started to lose he'd 'invent the atomic bomb' and flip the board. (In fairness, he claims it was me who invented the nukes.) The...

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Big Gov and Big Biz: Allies, not Enemies

The FDA's attack on milk substitutes is a great example of how business and government often conspire against both consumers and smaller competitors. Lots of folks see Big Government as a needed counterbalance to Big Business, a way to protect consumers from predatory...

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What Comes After the Superhero Frenzy?

Lots of big news when it comes to superheroes in recent days: Marvel Studios is getting the rights back to X-Men and the Fantastic Four, the former opening the door to Avenger/X-Men crossovers, and the latter allowing for more mediocre F4 movies. Netflix is...

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A Nation of Watchers

Buy the Book I'm finally digging into Robert Putnam's Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community. He's a Harvard sociologist, but it's written for the general public. And it's scary, chronicling the erosion of American social ties, leaving us...

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Africa: When ‘Helping’ Hurts

I spent two years living in Kenya, and this WaPo article about development in Kenya is spot-on.  Too often, the poor are completely forgotten when the government (or Western organizations) look at growth and development, particularly large infrastructure projects. ...

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Map of Jandaria – Heir to the Raven

Here's a look at the world of Heir to the Raven, my upcoming novel. The main action centers in Jandaria, a kingdom of horse lords that have only recently built houses of stone and settled down. The neighbors of Jandaria: West: The endless wastes of the savanna, home...

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