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Brett Kavanaugh: Guilty Until Proven Innocent?

People talk about how Trump is undermining the rule of law and important social/political conventions and institutions. And he is. But too often unremarked is that, if anything, The Resistance® is doing even more damage with their scorched-earth tactics. We now have...

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My Take on the Kavanaugh Accusations

I refrained from comment on Judge Kavanaugh for a long while, because it was important to see how things developed. We've seen a lot of seemingly decent men exposed as monsters in the past year. Plus, it's important to give accusers a fair hearing, and to be...

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The EU Keeps Swimming Upstream

Not making a political statement, just an observation. The EU's project to engender a "European" identity runs counter to the stream of history for the past 100+ years. Everywhere else we've seen "uber" identities -- imperial, Ottoman, British, Yugoslavian, Soviet,...

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‘The Creepy Line’ Documentary

Rather than providing a neutral public space for citizens to debate ideas, tech giants are now intervening to promote their own opinions and silence contrary voices.  I rarely watch documentaries, but am looking forward to The Creepy Line, which examines their growing...

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Veronica Mars Likely Coming to Hulu!

Deadline just reported that Veronica Mars (and iZombie) creator Rob Thomas is nearing a deal for eight more episodes of the show. Kristen Bell and her co-stars would come to Hulu for a limited run.  Other than a Firefly revival, this is the best TV news I could get....

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Another Try at a Dune Movie

The Dune-iverse is one of the greatest science fiction settings out there, with political intrigue, war, cool technology and mythology, and a general weirdness that sets it apart (giant sandworms, for instance.)  However, it's never gotten the love it deserves in...

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Facebook Silences Brazilian Reform Movement

We wouldn't let the local power utility arbitrarily disconnect someone because it disliked their politics. So why would we let an online monopoly do it?  Social media serves a vital role in today's political system, yet we let unaccountable, monopolist businessmen ban...

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Axis & Allies & Zombies?!?

Axis and Allies was my gateway drug to historical war gaming.  My little brother and I spent hours re-fighting WWII, though whenever he started to lose he'd 'invent the atomic bomb' and flip the board. (In fairness, he claims it was me who invented the nukes.) The...

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Big Gov and Big Biz: Allies, not Enemies

The FDA's attack on milk substitutes is a great example of how business and government often conspire against both consumers and smaller competitors. Lots of folks see Big Government as a needed counterbalance to Big Business, a way to protect consumers from predatory...

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