Lovecraftian Ice-Cream Dream


Had the weirdest ice-cream dream last night: I was walking through an upscale neighborhood with a group, and we were all improbably cheerful, young, good-looking, and diverse, and everything was laugh-out-loud funny. Like in a Pepsi commercial.

I explained non-Euclidean geometry to them, and then began defining some of HP Lovecraft’s favorite words, like tenebrous and febrile, except in the dream all of my sentences rhymed (except they didn’t.) Then we were all dancing through lawn sprinklers, and they were shouting that I was on fire with my rhymes. And we all thought that was droll, since we were being doused with sprinklers.

This is why my grandmother always said not to eat ice cream right before bed.




1 thought on “Lovecraftian Ice-Cream Dream”

  1. I’m not quite sure how I ended up looking at your site at 4am on a work day, but your biog makes you officially the most interesting person I’ve ever heard of. I will have a go at your books – I just hope they’re as interesting as you seem to be.

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