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J. Wesley Bush

J. Wesley is the Amazon bestselling author of Heir to the Raven and Knox’s Irregulars. He blogs about books, life, culture at Le Sabot Post-Moderne, and vlogs on politics at Byte-Size Politics. His other career is in the foreign affairs realm.

Heir to the Raven

By J. Wesley Bush

Epic Fantasy

“I swear to my father’s restless spirit, I will avenge you. Your raven shall pick their bones!”

All young Selwyn wants is to join the Knights-Scholastic and fight battles of the mind. But when tragedy claims his father and older brother, Selwyn becomes lord of the Savanna March, the Shield of Jandaria. Unwilling and unready, he must wage war and diplomacy. Even more, he must put away childish things and learn the harsh lessons of manhood.

Ancient enemies now circle: Vyr horse lords ravage the frontier even as brutish Priest-King Leax descends from the north.

Amid the crucible of war, Selwyn fights to unravel the conspiracy that shattered his family and threatens to enslave his people. His allies are a bowmaid sister, an outcast stone-man, a faietouched peasant girl, and his dubiously-loyal fool.

A hard road of battle and betrayal awaits them. Should they fail, Jandaria will fall under a tyrant’s heel.

“…full of gritty combat, dark humor, and vivid characters.”
Alexander McKinney, author of City of the Dead Gods

other Books and Videos

Knox’s Irregulars

Corporal Randall Knox and his armored infantry squad lead the resistance in occupied New Providence. It’s military sci-fi at its best, with vivid characters, a fast-moving plot, and quality violence.

Byte-Size Politics

Thoughtful, quick (3-5 minute) videos on the social and economic issues that shape our lives.

The Magpie Queen

Magpie thief Emilia Naismith and her newfound husband struggle to overthrow a brutal tyrant. But is the real threat the darkness inside them both?  A new adventure set in the Jandaria world.

Le sabot Post-Moderne

Writing, Culture, Politics & shiny Objects

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Heir to the Raven is now live!

My latest epic fantasy novel, Heir to the Raven, is now available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon. It's the first in the Pierced Veil epic fantasy series, a 5-book cycle set in the world of Trosketh. An ensemble cast of characters provides you with a broad range of...


Always happy to do audio, video, or written interviews on just about any topic. Favorites include fiction, politics, parenting, faith, and travel.

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