Axis and Allies was my gateway drug to historical war gaming.  My little brother and I spent hours re-fighting WWII, though whenever he started to lose he’d ‘invent the atomic bomb’ and flip the board. (In fairness, he claims it was me who invented the nukes.)

The series had a few misfires along the way, with D-Day being especially disappointing, but reached perfection with the Axis and Allies 1940 edition, which featured 10 playable factions, including China and ANZAC.

So I’m tentatively interested in their next project — Axis & Allies & Zombies. If Seth Graham-Greene could make a Pride and Prejudice mashup with zombies work, maybe Larry Harris can do the same with Axis and Allies.  I’ll definitely buy it. They could put the Axis and Allies label on a box of unwashed gym socks and I would by it.  But I’m hoping it’s more than just bandwagoning on the zombie trend.

Developers claim the zombies will introduce an environmental element to the game play, forcing both sides to think about more than just their human opponents.  Additionally, it’s supposed to help prevent turtling, and encouraging a more dynamic play style.

It comes out this fall, and I’ll let you know how it plays.