The NYT just published a toxic bit of race-baiting that I won’t reward with a link: “White Women, Come Get Your People.” It’s most notable for calling white women “gender traitors.”

This also stuck out to me: “These are the kind of women who think that being falsely accused of rape is almost as bad as being raped.”

YES, IT IS. And I say this as a victim of a sexual assault. Being a victim is horrific. Being accused of rape, from what I can tell, would in many ways be worse. Worse than being accused of murder. A murderer gets fearful respect. A rapist is shunned by every quarter of society. It is the most damning, vile thing a person can be accused of, aside from harming children. It is to become completely “Other” vis-a-vis the rest of society. A sociological leper.

When feminists deride men’s fears about false accusations, they willfully ignore this. Demanding that we “believe all women”, regardless of the facts, is saying, “Condemn all accused men.” This is not only grossly unjust, but it polarizes an issue that we should all be able to rally around — taking rape and sexual assault seriously. If #MeToo showed us anything, it’s that powerful men continue to act with impunity toward women and that victims often fear to come forward.

#TakeAccusationsSeriously isn’t as catchy as #BelieveWomen, but it’s a lot more just.