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What Comes After the Superhero Frenzy?

Lots of big news when it comes to superheroes in recent days: Marvel Studios is getting the rights back to X-Men and the Fantastic Four, the former opening the door to Avenger/X-Men crossovers, and the latter allowing for more mediocre F4 movies. Netflix is...

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A Nation of Watchers

Buy the Book I'm finally digging into Robert Putnam's Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community. He's a Harvard sociologist, but it's written for the general public. And it's scary, chronicling the erosion of American social ties, leaving us...

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Africa: When ‘Helping’ Hurts

I spent two years living in Kenya, and this WaPo article about development in Kenya is spot-on.  Too often, the poor are completely forgotten when the government (or Western organizations) look at growth and development, particularly large infrastructure projects. ...

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Map of Jandaria – Heir to the Raven

Here's a look at the world of Heir to the Raven, my upcoming novel. The main action centers in Jandaria, a kingdom of horse lords that have only recently built houses of stone and settled down. The neighbors of Jandaria: West: The endless wastes of the savanna, home...

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The Original Postmodern Clog

Now that I've resurrected Le Sabot Post-Moderne, here's a look at the original, courtesy of the Wayback Machine. Web design has come a long way since 2005. So has blogging, for better or worse. Everything is professionalized now. I miss the...

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