Augie, my youngest son, reached a geek milestone today — his first real strategy game, Battles of Westeros. We’re gaming out the “Battle in the Riverlands” between Houses Stark and Lannister. He’s the villain in this scenario. With all my other boys aging into adulthood, it was time to train up a new gaming partner. And it’s insurance for his teenage years. As they say, get your kids hooked on expensive strategy games and they won’t have money to buy drugs!

Battles of Westeros is made by Fantasy Flight, one of my favorite game companies. They’ve done some other great scifi and fantasy games, including Battlestar Galactica and Firefly. This one uses the Battlelore system, which features tactics cards, special (included) dice, and a giant hex board you can customize with modular terrain pieces. It comes with a campaign guide with play-tested, balanced ‘historic’ battles from the novels.

The Battlelore system has a learning curve, but its tactical depth rewards the effort. Definitely recommend the game, though if you’re playing with kids, it might be best to wait until they’re 10 or so. In addition to being House Stark’s commander, I’m serving as Augie’s tactical adviser… 😉