Help Launch Heir to the Raven!


Go here for the tl;dr version:

Asking for help is hard.  Alexandra and I published my first novel independently in 2011, just as the digital book world was starting to grow. We intuitively did a lot of things “right” in getting it out to readers.The biggest thing we did right? Asking for help from our friends. Word of mouth is still the number one way people hear about new books, and I’m asking for your help.

We’re putting together a launch team — a group of friends who like the book — and are inviting you to join in.Heir to the Raven is an epic fantasy, coming-of-age novel. Will it be ranked among the life-changing classics like Lord of the Rings? Probably not.  But if you love fantasy, it’s a great read.

What’s a launch team?

  • A launch team is a group of readers who support a book before it is published so more readers can hear about it!

What do you get from this?

  • A pre-release e-copy of the book (pre-proofreader, so please forgive typos!)
  • An autographed, physical copy of the book for the first 25 people in our launch team.
  • The thanks of a grateful nation, and especially me!

What am I asking from you?

  • Most importantly, I’m asking you to read the book and post a review on Amazon the day it is released.
  • Can you think of people who love fantasy, and recommend the book to them, in person, via email, or through social media?
  • I’ll provide images and ideas for sharing with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blogs, etc.
  • Help me brainstorm ideas for getting Heir to the Raven into the hands of people who will love it!

This sounds time-consuming.

  • It’s not, seriously, if you like reading fantasy.
  • Reviews can be short and don’t have to be essays.
  • I’ll provide ideas and images along the way.

I’m in!  What now?

  • Please follow the link to fill out a launch team form — this is so that I have your basic info and address for mailing the physical book.

  • Then I’ll invite you to our private launch team FB group and send out occasional emails.
  • We’re limited in the number of people on the launch team, so the application will be closing Saturday, October 21.

Thanks, friends!  I wrote the book for you and couldn’t get it out to other readers without your help.

All the best,