I refrained from comment on Judge Kavanaugh for a long while, because it was important to see how things developed. We’ve seen a lot of seemingly decent men exposed as monsters in the past year. Plus, it’s important to give accusers a fair hearing, and to be intellectually honest, especially when it’s your own “team” that’s under attack.

However, I’ve seen enough now to form an initial opinion. Christine Blasey Ford is looking less credible with each passing day, and her latest demands in order to testify before Congress are farcical.

1. What we currently have is a left-wing academic who suddenly ‘remembered’ the ‘assault’ just as Kavanaugh was being floated as Mitt Romney’s top choice for the Supreme Court if he was elected. She can’t remember key details and those she’s provided keep changing. Does her left-wing activism impeach her witness? No, but it gets factored in. She has a strong motive to keep him off the court. If she had a strong financial motive, it wouldn’t disprove her testimony, but it would be a factor in considering its credibility. Ideological motives are no different.

2. This type of alleged abuse is generally a pattern. In genuine #MeToo cases, we’ve seen that the first accusation triggers a flood of credible witnesses. Instead, the women Kavanaugh works and socializes with revere him, and it’s clear that he has gone the extra mile to both support and advance women in professional settings.

3. Now she doesn’t want to be under oath, and is demanding that Kavanaugh not be in the room and that she take questions only from Congresspeople, not from lawyers. That is totally alien to our sense of justice and fair play. We get to face our accusers.

4. Even better, she wants Kavanaugh to testify FIRST. That’s absurd, especially since no one except her Democrat allies and enablers have seen her letter. What exactly is he supposed to say? Just a reminder: the way it works, outside of Kafka novels and Soviet show trials, is that the accuser makes an accusation, and then the defendant answers them.

The whole thing is beginning to look like a political Hail Mary thrown by Dems to try and stall things beyond the midterm elections. Republicans should be smart, give Ford a hearing if she wants to stop playing political games, and then move forward with a vote unless she actually, surprisingly produces something substantive.