In honor of President’s Day this week, here are my Top 10 of Science Fiction characters I’d support for president. For most of these, we’d have to amend the Constitutional clause limiting the presidency to “natural-born citizens”. But that’s small beans compared to selling American voters on a half-clad Martian warlord…



#10 John Carter of Mars

He’s the above-mentioned Martian warlord. A former gold prospector, Carter accidentally projected himself to Mars, where he won the respect of the locals, the love of a beautiful queen, and become a conquering hero. His proven grit and leadership qualities would make for a good president. And his telepathic abilities would be clutch when negotiating with lying Russians and North Koreans.  He’d have a hard time getting elected, though, since he picked the wrong side in the Civil War.

Party Affiliation: Democrat (former Confederate officer)


Prime is a sort of Robo-Moses, having led his people in an Exodus from their  homeworld’s destruction, so he’s no stranger to crises.  He’s also solid when  it comes to warfighting.  One particular skill Prime brings to the table is cross-cultural relations — he’s had to figure out humanity and find a way to peacefully coexist. 

He would have scored higher on the list, except that his sense of honor and morality sometimes veers from Lawful Good into Lawful Stupid.  

Party Affiliation: Independent 


The heroine of the fantastic, eponymous science fiction series by David Weber, Harrington is a triple-threat: a career (Space) Navy officer, member of parliament, and noblewoman.  Not only does she have a strong military background, but she’s used to navigating the corruption of the Star Kingdom of Manticore, so the DC Swamp wouldn’t be a problem.  And if it was, she’ll be the best duelist in the White House since Andrew Jackson. 

As a stepping-stone to the top office, she’d be a great pick to lead Trump’s new Space Force.  

Party Affiliation: Republican (defense conservative wing)

#7  John Connor – The Terminator Series

America loves an underdog, and John Connor is the under-iest of underdogs.  Hunted by assassin-bots before he was even conceived, he grew up tough and rallied humanity against its robot masters.

If Elon Musk’s warnings about the dangers of AI prove true, John Connor is just the president we need.

Party Affiliation: Third-Party (Luddites)

Admiral William Adama (ver. 2.0)

Another leader who led his people out of disaster, Adama combines strategic thinking with shrewd political instincts.  If he could unite the fractious survivors of the Cylon genocide, all while fighting off a superior enemy armada, think what he could do for our own Balkanized polity!

Note: He would have made Top 5, were it not for the horrible, series-ruining decisions he made during the final episode.  So dumb.

Party Affiliation: Republican 


Check back tomorrow for #1-5, starting with billionaire playboy Tony Stark!