Deadline just reported that Veronica Mars (and iZombie) creator Rob Thomas is nearing a deal for eight more episodes of the show. Kristen Bell and her co-stars would come to Hulu for a limited run.  Other than a Firefly revival, this is the best TV news I could get.

Veronica Mars featured a young Kristen Bell as the teenaged daughter of a private eye in a very corrupt California city.  She assisted him with cases and also used her sleuthing to help classmates.  Sort of a Noir-ish Nancy Drew.

Each season was serialized, with a murderous meta-plot tying the episodes together.  It was one of the most cleverly-plotted shows I’ve seen, and had fantastic characters and dialogue.  Its premature cancellation after only three seasons is second only to Firefly for terrible network decisions.

A Kickstarter in 2013 gave us a movie (and closure), but who wouldn’t want 8 more episodes of a favorite show?